This website is an archive of The Inter-city Scot as of July 1, 2023.

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Internet edition:

Webmaster: Tim Harrison


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The Inter-city Scot is published as a service to the Scottish Country Dancing community by volunteers. Listings are free. Events should be submitted via electronic form. Links to the forms are available at the top of each page on the web site. Event notices must contain: event day, time, location and contact person with e-mail address and/or phone number with area code. Musicians, teachers and other information may also be included.


In 1982 Ingrid Kendall (Chicago, IL) suggested to Doug Schneider the idea of a "newsletter so that we can all find out what is going on in the Midwest." Doug took on that idea and published the first bi-monthly edition of The Inter-city Scot in May 1982. It contained a list of events and people to contact. Rather than being a regional newsletter, The Inter-city Scot quickly became national and later, international, including Canada. By 1983 the number of contacts had become large enough that The Inter-city Scot started publishing an annual contact list. The bi-monthly issue was primarily events and updates to the annual contact list.

In May 1996, The Inter-city Scot first posted an electronic edition of the print edition on the Internet. In May 1998, the Internet edition became the main source of information with the print edition being derived bi-monthly from the Internet edition. And, finally, the last issue of the print edition of The Inter-city Scot was published in September 2010.

Here are the volunteers who put together The Inter-city Scot:

Print Edition Editors

May 1982-Mar 1984
Doug Schneider (Minneapolis, MI)
May 1984-Jan 1988
John Collins (Chicago, IL)
Mar 1988-??? 1992
Ellie Briscoe (Alexandria, VA)
??? 1992-Jan 2002
Pat Donaldson (Pittsford, NY)
Mar 2002-Sep 2010
Tim Harrison (Austin, TX; southern CA)

Associate Editors

May 1998-Sep 1999
Mike Briggs (Madison, WI)
May 1998-Jan 2002
Tim Harrison (Austin, TX; southern CA)
Jan 2014-Jun 2023
Lydia Hedges (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Subscriptions & Circulation

May 1984-Mar 1996
Mary Brown (Chicago, IL; State College, PA)
May 1996-Sep 2010
Marian & Kent Smith (West Hartford, CT)

Internet Edition Webmasters

Mar 1996-Mar 1998
John Collins (State College, PA)
May 1998-Jun 2023
Tim Harrison (Austin, TX; southern CA; La Grande, Oregon)